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No. 3 Squadron is a unit within the New Zealand Cadet Forces (NZCF) organisation. NZCF is a disciplined, uniformed organisation which provides military-based leadership, personal development and operational training to persons aged between 13 and 18 years old.

We strongly believe and encourage all of our Cadets to take every opportunity presented to them within the organisation. Below are some of the key ones available!



Many Cadets and Staff within our organisation have a strong desire and passion for aviation. As such, many are pursing hobbies or careers within this field. We run Unit based powered flying activities where Cadets have an opportunity to learn the controls and have a go flying. There is also a national week long course where many Cadets go solo for the first time!



This would be our most common flying activity, where Cadets learn the importance of theory of flight and the controls in a non-powered aircraft. Gliding is a perfect place to start for our young aviation inspired Cadets to get a grip of basic controls before they get into powered flying. There is a week long national gliding course available where Cadets have an opportunity to fly solo.



As the only youth organisation in NZ to offer shooting, we take this sport very seriously! There are a number of shoots offered in each year where Cadets can earn various awards. There is an opportunity for our avid shooters to join our shooting team, which partakes in regional and national competitions. This activity is found to be the most anticipated by our Cadets with lots of friendly competition occurring between one another. 



Our bushcraft syllabus provides Cadets with lifelong transferable skills. We start with the basics in our first year and progressively increase the difficulty. Many Cadets that develop an interest in bushcraft will go on to pursue the Duke of Edinburgh award (which we offer through our Unit!). Some of the things we teach as part of this syllabus are Navigation, tramping, camping, camouflage, search, and rescue, how to cross rivers/large waterways safely, and first aid!

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NZCF aims to "prepare New Zealand's successful leaders of tomorrow." As such, this is a skill that many will develop and refine throughout their time in Cadet Forces. We take pride in the number of leadership opportunities we provide within a safe environment and encourage each Cadet to reach their full potential. As Cadets develop confidence and their own leadership style, there is opportunities for them to go on Courses to refine them even more and become youth leaders within our Unit. 



The aim of drill is to develop a cadet who is proud, obedient, self-disciplined and provides the basis of all teamwork. We parade every Wednesday and partake in drill regularly.




202 Hillsborough Road,


Auckland 1042


Postal Address:

PO Box 44-064

Point Chevalier

Auckland, 1246

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